About Me

Hi, I’m Laura, the face behind Finley Fabric. 

I currently live in Dallas with my husband and two dogs, Copper and Penny.  The “Finley” in Finley Fabric comes from my first dog who was with me for over 18 years. I’ve always loved to craft and have dabbled in cross stitch, embroidery, cookie and cake decorating, knitting, and garment sewing, but quilting has always been my number one passion.  

My introduction to quilting started over 20 years ago when my mother and I took a class at our local shop. Since then I’ve created innumerable graduation, wedding, and baby quilts for friends and family. I started designing my own patterns and opened my Etsy store, Finely Fabric, in 2018.

When I’m not sewing I love to read, travel, and try new restaurants.